Illustrations for an international sports brand experience.
Each illustration represents a space relating to a specific sport or experiencial environment.
The brochure is printed using just three colours: black, silver and green.
Spread examples from a brochure for a management and technology organisation.
Visual identity for interior and exhibition designer.
A set of silhouettes can be combined in numerous pairs to illustrate the designer's expertise and experience.
Some examples of the identity set, which also include an extensive and playful set of stickers for further personalisation.
Spread examples from a book about the concept of modularity in art, design, biology, literature, etc. (in progress).
The text will be entirely designed using a modular typeface superfamily.
Exhibition logo for Royal River: Power, Pageantry and the Thames, National Maritime Museum Greenwich, 2012.
I was Art Director-at-large for graphics, as well as doing Creative Concept Development for the 3D and AV design.
The exhibition celebrated the river Thames as a stage for royal and civic celebrations.
Each area of the exhibition had specific colours and graphic motifs according to the different themes.
A 30-metres-long moving image projection supported the artefacts on display and brought all the different themes together.
Photos: © Land Design Studio
Scott's Last Expedition, an exhibition about Captain Scott and his tragic expedition to Antarctica.
Natural History Museum London, 2012.
View of the 1:1 stylised representation of the base camp hut, with a replica of the wardroom table.
Projected onto the table, a 4-metres long AV installation gives details about the expedition's scientific research,
planning and social gatherings.
The layout of personal beds, internal walls and furniture
were marked on the floor.
Together with artefacts and large-scale photos of the expedition, this helped to give invaluable insight into life inside the base camp hut.
Photos: © Land Design Studio
Art direction, branding and strategy development for think fat, a national awareness campaign (in progress).
An extensive set of icons, custom typeface and fat language are being developed for the project.
The campaign will be based on text-speak, and new social media technologies.
It will inspire teenagers to be informed, confident in expressing personal opinions and being inclusive in a diverse society.
Artist cross-section of the new Mary Rose Museum, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard.
The museum is organised around the remains of the Tudor warship and the thousands of artefacts on display.
I was the Art Director for all interpretation graphics, signage and wayfinding.
Images: © Wilkinson Eyre Architects, Pringle Brandon
Gardens by the Bay Marina South botanical gardens, Singapore (in progress)
Aerial view showing part of the 54-hectare project, including two conservatories, eighteen 25 to 50-metres tall Supertree structures,
themed gardens and lakes.
I was Art Director, Creative Design Consultant, Production Designer, Scriptwriter and User-Experience Architect
for all interpretation graphics and multimedia installations.
Movie stills from audiovisual installation about traditional Batan weaving.
Example of interpretation graphic panel.
View of multimedia installation, including video projection over a 5-metres model of Gardens by the Bay,
giving insight into the sustainable energy technologies used in the botanical gardens.
Movie stills from graphic animations.
Immersive 15-metres multimedia installation about the consequences of global warming.
Multimedia installation in the entrance corridor to one of the conservatories.
Images: © Andrew Grant Associates, Land Design Studio
Each themed garden has a distinct identity, and individual graphic guideline manuals were developed
for each of the 18 different gardens, conservatories and lakes.
An extensive set of graphic icons and patterns were designed according to three main interpretation groups:
Nature's Balance, Heritage Gardens, and World of Plants.
Detail from Chinese Garden graphic guidelines, with artist impression of scenic painted wall, moon gates and windows.
Spreads from the 230-pages-long manual I developed as Creative Producer of all 50 audiovisual installations and interactives.
Showreel by multimedia contractor, showing some of the interpretation media installations.
© Multimedia People

Movie with project overview by the masterplanning architects.
© Grant Associates
Movie stills from 18 Rugby Street, a typographic AV installation about Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes.
Age of the Dinosaur, Natural History Museum London, 2012.
View of Cretaceous immersive environment with full-size animatronic dinosaurs.
The exhibition includes two 8-metres-long backlit timelines, taking visitors on an journey in time.
Detail of interpretation graphics making use of the fascinating silhouettes and scale of dinosaurs and other species.
Large-scale backlit graphics, lightbox object labels and direct to wood printing were extensively used to create rich environments.
I was Art Director, Design Consultant and Researcher for 2D, 3D, AV design and interpretation strategy for this exhibition.
Photos: © Land Design Studio by Nick Wood
Art direction and strategy for the rebranding of the Bloomsbury Festival.
The new identity included an extensive set of icons used in multiple combinations with the festival logo and other headlines.
This created a unique visual identity, while also representing the diversity of events taking place.
Spreads from corporate identity manual for Berlin Partner.
I was Art Director in this project for the economic development agency of Berlin and the state of Berlin-Brandenburg.
The extensive redesign achieved a fresher, more contemporary identity, including redesigned typefaces and new guidelines.
New colour palettes for all communication material.
Example from a series of printed material for Stemme, a German aircrafts manufacturer.
Website for Einsteinhaus in Caputh, Einstein Forum.
After long restoration, the only house built for Albert Einstein in Germany opened to the public.
The Einstein Forum commissioned websites, books and other printed material for this occasion.
I was Creative and Art Director for the project, including Production Designer of photoshoots.
Details and spreads from the book A place of passage: Albert Einstein's house in Caputh.
Spread detailing the original colours of the house designed by Bauhaus-inspired architect, Konrad Wachsmann.
Spreads and details from bilingual brochure for German energy company.
Modularity, digital systems and the ability to connect with existing networks influenced the design.
Poster for typography conference.